The Pitch

2011, Fall, New York City. The only thing standing between you and internet superstardom, six hours of communications/elective hours, a way to kill time, and lucrative t-shirt sales is the lack of permits to explore abandoned public sites, the weight of the camera equipment, and your own nerves.

But why let that stop you? Pick your sites, find a way to get the van in, sneak your gear over the fence, block, light, tweak, and shoot. The end results are worth the risks of vagrants and police. I mean, really. There’s no such thing as monsters, definitely not in somewhere as loud and noisy as New York City, right?


Basic Information

This game runs every odd Thursday. No set times, due to trying to wrangle players together to play this game.

Next Session: 13 October 2011
IC Channel: #beginplayback
OOC Channel: #welldoitlive

Skype will probably be happen as well because people love it when we can yell at eachother OOCly in realtime, too.

Begin Playback

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