Lydia Lynch

Shy, socially awkward camera operator and general nerd.


Str 1
Dex 3
Sta 2

Pres 1
Manip 2
Comp 3

Int 3
Wit 2
Res 3

Academics 2
Computer 2 (Graphic Design)
Craft: Photography 2
Investigation 1
Occult 2
Politics 1
Science 1 (Chemistry)

Drive 1
Stealth 2
Larceny 1

Animal Ken 2
Empathy 2 (Lies)
Expression 2 (Photography)
Subterfuge 1

Eidetic Memory ••
Good Time Management ••
Profession: Artist ••
Language: Klingon •


Lydia moved to New York for school, from a tiny town nobody has ever heard of in what Lydia calls “east Dakota.” Nobody has ever been able to figure out which Dakota.

She is an extreme introvert and spends most of her time locked in her small loft walk-up apartment, surrounded by camera gear, hard drives, more than a thousand science-fiction books, and boxes full of printed-out fanfiction and art. She occasionally finds employment as a camera operator for local documentaries, and has a series of popular video-game screencast series on Youtube. Her Minecraft series, What The Hell Am I Even Doing, has over a thousand subscribers. She is fluent in Klingon and is slowly translating the Harry Potter series, currently about halfway done with “Harry Potter and the Stone of Kahless.”

Lydia Lynch

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